Specialist in the area of transport

Schreurs Ex-Tra is a flexible and universal carrier; whether it concerns a single box or a complete wagon load, whether the shipment consists of electronics, paper or machines, Schreurs Ex-Tra is able to process it for you.

Schreurs Ex-Tra does so, making use of distribution transport, direct transport and groupage both nationally and internationally.

The emphasis is on road transport, but also other modalities, such as water or rail or air transport can be organised by Schreurs Ex-Tra.

We are the specialist in the area of worldwide transport. Using this extensive knowledge, we ensure proper and fast distribution.

For Schreurs Ex-Tra it is only logical that we think along with you pro-actively and offer ready-made solutions for any issue or transport need. We find it important for our partners to experience this service in a similar way.

How may we help you?

  • Optimisation of your supply chain;
  • Anything you are looking for in transport and logistics;
  • Your products will remain fresh and in mint condition;
  • We supply customisation and efficiency;
  • Quality that matches the quality of your product;
  • We provide worldwide transportation.

With Set Cargo GmbH you have an passionate expedition partner
at your side!

Set Cargo GmbH was founded in 2013 as the German branch of the Set Schreurs Ex-Tra B.V. The company was established in those days and now it is already one of the leading and most flexible medium-sized companies in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia).

We offer our customers a highly performing national and international Europe-wide network with combined knowhow and individual solutions for your transport- and logistical tasks.

Reliability, safety and transparency reinforce and support our customers in their markets. Using modern in-house equipment, new technologies and the competence of our employees, we offer our customers high quality and excellent service.

Your success is our success!